I like cake, and if you combine cake with fine liquor, you have a something that is decadent beyond belief. “The Great Spirits Baking Company lines up with the most premium global spirits brands and other non-alcohol partners to create delicious dessert and snack items,” said Mike Valenti, CEO.

The Guinness Chocolate Stout Slice has a “wonderfully bold chocolate flavor,” Al says.

The company is launching individually wrapped cake slices targeting c-stores, grab-and-go and packaged liquor channels. The products all have less than a half percent of alcohol by volume, which means they are not regulated. Valenti said, “We use premium ingredients; we have very strict guidelines about how we manufacture our products and how we go to retail.”

Customers can choose from Guinness Chocolate Stout Slice, Pallini Limoncello Slice, Captain Morgan Spiced Apple Slice and Bailey’s Irish Cream Slice.

Each attendee I talked to had their own favorite. The Guinness Chocolate Stout Slice surprised some Show-goers. “We’ve had all kinds of people come by and say ‘I don’t really like beer,’ but then they try it and say, ‘That’s really good,’” Valenti said. I thought the Pallini Limoncello was a nice light flavor, but I’m a huge fan of the Guinness Chocolate Stout Slice with its wonderfully bold chocolate flavor. The bottom line is I could not say which one I love best. You have to eat them all—over and over again.