Jack Daniel’s® Cakes

Sweet and Mellow. Tried and True. Our Jack Daniel’s® Whiskey cakes are baked from a time-tested recipe and infused with authentic Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Whiskey. It’s a new way to enjoy Old No. 7.

Pallini® Limoncello Cakes

Bright and Citrusy. Zesty and Refreshing. Using only the finest ingredients infused with the exotic flavor of Pallini® Limoncello, these cakes are the perfect balance of tart and sweet. A fresh and authentic way to enjoy the taste of the Amalfi coast, this zingy cake is perfect for an afternoon treat or idea accompaniment for dinner with friends.

Guinness® Cakes

Rich and Bold. Dark and Velvety. Our Chocolate Stout cakes are inspired by the iconic taste and composition of Guinness® Draught. The cake’s deep, dark color is matched only by its deep chocolate flavor. When company comes over, you’ll want to have plenty of these cakes on tap.