Jack Daniel’s® Cakes

Sweet and Mellow. Tried and True. Our Jack Daniel’s® Whiskey cakes are baked from a time-tested recipe and infused with authentic Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Whiskey. It’s a new way to enjoy Old No. 7.

Captain Morgan® Cakes

Smooth and Warm. Spicy and Sweet. Bring a bit of the islands to your home. Our Captain Morgan® Spiced Rum cakes feature the subtle notes of fresh fruit, cinnamon and the aromatic notes of the Caribbean. Salute the captain, pull out your flip flops and savor the cake that tastes like vacation.

Pallini® Limoncello Cakes

Bright and Citrusy. Zesty and Refreshing. Using only the finest ingredients infused with the exotic flavor of Pallini® Limoncello, these cakes are the perfect balance of tart and sweet. A fresh and authentic way to enjoy the taste of the Amalfi coast, this zingy cake is perfect for an afternoon treat or idea accompaniment for dinner with friends.

Guinness® Cakes

Rich and Bold. Dark and Velvety. Our Chocolate Stout cakes are inspired by the iconic taste and composition of Guinness® Draught. The cake’s deep, dark color is matched only by its deep chocolate flavor. When company comes over, you’ll want to have plenty of these cakes on tap.