The Taste of Celebration

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These Boozy New Donuts Are Turning Heads

BY KHYATI DAND Alcohol and dessert go really, really well together. If you don’t believe it, you probably haven’t tried a booze-infused confection. The easiest one to find is a pack of chocolate truffles made with Baileys Irish Cream. Baileys makes a ton of desserts, from classics like chocolate bars and cupcakes to more seasonal treats […]

Great Spirits debuts booze-infused donuts

By Rebekah Schouten ST. LOUIS — The Great Spirits Baking Co. has joined forces with spirit brands Baileys, Guinness and Pallini to launch a line of spirit flavor-infused donuts. The non-alcoholic donuts boast a shelf life of 1 year frozen and 14 days ambient. The Baileys Irish Cream Vanilla Donuts are vanilla cake donuts topped with […]

Guinness & Baileys Are Unleashing Donuts That Taste Like Your Fave Booze

The flavored glazed donuts are hitting grocery stores this month. By Megan Schaltegger Published on 6/4/2021 at 2:58 PM As far as national holidays go, June 4th’s National Donut Day is right up there—namely, because it’s an excuse to stuff your face with your fave doughy creations just because. But if you were thinking about swinging through your favorite local […]