I like cake, and if you combine cake with fine liquor, you have a something that is decadent beyond belief. “The Great Spirits Baking Company lines up with the most premium global spirits brands and other non-alcohol partners to create delicious dessert and snack items,” said Mike Valenti, CEO.

The Guinness Chocolate Stout Slice has a “wonderfully bold chocolate flavor,” Al says.

The company is launching individually wrapped cake slices targeting c-stores, grab-and-go and packaged liquor channels. The products all have less than a half percent of alcohol by volume, which means they are not regulated. Valenti said, “We use premium ingredients; we have very strict guidelines about how we manufacture our products and how we go to retail.”

Customers can choose from Guinness Chocolate Stout Slice, Pallini Limoncello Slice, Captain Morgan Spiced Apple Slice and Bailey’s Irish Cream Slice.

Each attendee I talked to had their own favorite. The Guinness Chocolate Stout Slice surprised some Show-goers. “We’ve had all kinds of people come by and say ‘I don’t really like beer,’ but then they try it and say, ‘That’s really good,’” Valenti said. I thought the Pallini Limoncello was a nice light flavor, but I’m a huge fan of the Guinness Chocolate Stout Slice with its wonderfully bold chocolate flavor. The bottom line is I could not say which one I love best. You have to eat them all—over and over again.


Great Spirits Baking Company Offers Dessert With a Kick

Partnering with some of the top spirits companies in the U.S., the baking company brings delicious boozy treats to market

For some of us, alcohol and dessert is simply a way of life. I’ve been among those dessert-lovers who can’t fathom saying no to a rum-infused frosting. Great Spirits Baking Company must have heard my cake prayers, for the company—in a partnership with Jack Daniels and other spirit makers—has created a line of cakes sure to win over even the staunchest alcohol abstainers.

Michael Valenti, CEO, Great Spirits Baking Company

“We are licensees for some of the largest spirits producers in the world to make delicious, ready-to-eat cakes,” Michael Valenti, CEO, shared with me. “Our agreement allows us to sell cake under the licensed spirit brand with approval from our spirit partners. Each agreement specifies the channels and territory that we can sell our cakes.”

With such an agreement in place, Great Spirits Baking Company recently launched its Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Pecan Cake in the Costco Texas region for Father’s Day.

Great Spirits Baking Company’s new line features Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Cakes in Pecan, Chocolate, and Vanilla

“Cakes are available in club locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana,” Michael said. “We are also finalizing a single-serve, wrapped, sliced version of several of our spirits cakes for C-Store, Grocery Grab n Go, and Package Liquor retailers with availability beginning in the 3rd quarter. Brands included are Bailey’s Irish Crème, Guinness, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, and Pallini Limoncello.”

Other offerings in its core portfolio include 10 oz. loaf cakes ready for 3rd and 4th quarter sell in. Featured flavors are Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Cakes in Pecan, Chocolate, and Vanilla; Captain Morgan Spiced Apple; Bailey’s Irish Crème; Guinness Chocolate Stout Cake; and Pallini Limoncello Cake.

Great Spirits Baking Company recently launched its Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Pecan Cake in the Costco Texas region for Father’s Day

In addition to expanding its shelf-stable core cake offerings—already available in 10 oz loaf and 4 oz slices—Great Spirits Baking Company has a line of fresh, large format cakes for Grocery and Club Stores. Available formats include Jack Daniel’s 36 oz Pecan Cake, Guinness 24/32 oz Chocolate Stout Cake, Pallini 24/32 oz Limoncello Lemon Cake, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 40/32 oz Hummingbird Cake, and a Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake—to be released in its fourth quarter.

As new items are added to the company’s lineup, consumers can find them via the Great Spirits Baking company website.